I have learned a lot about cues over the years of dealing and repairing them and one thing I assure you I do know is, what a quality cue should feel and look like.  My cues are what I think makes a beautiful yet great playing cue. I have been working to get to this stage for many years and I finally am making my own hand made cues that I am building here in my shop 100%... 


The folks that I credit for steering me this direction and helping me learn the proper methods of cuemaking are/were my great late friend William Gentry of Gentry Cues (RIP), Jim Pierce of Pierce Custom Cues, Dennis Searing of Searing Precision Cues as well as a few other cuemakers that I am fortunate enough to have been close with.


I would like to thank all of them as well as my customers for supporting me and my business over the years!

Lister Cue #01-19

NEW Lister Cue #06-18

New Lister Cue 04-18

SOLD #05-18

SOLD #03-18