Cue Repair

Whether you are local to Southwest Florida or anywhere in the United States, Billiard Bill's offers total cue repair done right the first time available by drop off or shipped in.  

Tip Replacement Services INCLUDES shaft cleaning, burnishing & waxing:

  • PreciSion Layered Tips by Dennnis Searing- $35 installed
  • New Kamui Clear Black or Brown SS, S, M or H tips- $40.00¬†installed
  • G2 S, M or H tips- $35 installed
  • UltraSkin Pro, VS, S, M, H & HH (Heavy Hitter) tips- $28 installed
  • White Diamondbreak tips- $40 installed
  • Super Pro Red layered tips (red water buffalo)- $25 installed
  • 14mm or 15mm Triangle tips- $20 installed
  • Le Pro standard tips- $20 installed

Ferrule Installation:

  • Elforyn- $30
  • Phenolic- $35
  • Phenolic Break w/Domed tip- $40
  • Arvorin Ivory Substitute- $40
  • Ivory- Call for price


  • Shaft cleaning is $15 without a tip install
  • Shaft refinishing depends on condition and must be reviewed before quote but Starts at $60 with clear finished joint end 4"-8" down
  • Cue weighting/balancing $10
  • Reface the joint of shaft square $15¬†


  • For all refinishing services please contact Bill at 239.823.o4o8

Leather & Exotic Wraps

  • Premium Leather wrap installed - $99
  • Real Lizard wraps installed - $199
  • REAL Elephant Ear wrap installed- $249

Special Order Wraps (some are stocked)