About Billiard Bill's Custom Cue & Repair


I started buying/selling/trading cues in 2013 and have continued to acquire some of the best available at the best prices as well as offering full cue repair & Services.  There is nothing more important to me as my family and my integrity in what I do.  Billiard Bill's is Located in Fort Myers, Florida where I have been living since moving to Florida in 1993 (originally from Baltimore Maryland).  Family life is the most important thing to me, my support and drive come from my wife, and my 2 beautiful young daughters! 


Playing Pool:

First and foremost I am a player at heart before being a dealer, maybe not the best player but that is where it all started.  I remember as early as a 8-9 years old being intrigued and wanting to play pool with my father whenever we were around a pool table.  I would sit and wait for the adults to get bored and then let the kids play with them and then the kids would play late into the night while the adults were having a good time doing their adult stuff (drinking, lol).  I started playing more seriously in my teenage years at a local pool hall . I kept going and playing in APA Leagues for 9 ball and BCA League for 8 ball.  However, I am not a high level player at all as I play at best 1-2 times a week and have a family.  More recently I have been playing One Pocket and have not played much in leagues for the last few years or so due to time constraints.  


Life Changer:

I have never had any health issues in my life and at 30 years old my doctor discovered I was in end stage kidney disease and that I was needing a kidney transplant.  Shortly after I was on dialysis and was completely miserable sitting and waiting for a kidney.  I spent 5 hours a day sitting in a chair next to the typical elderly patients (some of the most interesting people I have ever met) wondering why me and I had a lot of time to think about what I ultimately wanted to do with my life IF I was fortunate enough to get a transplant and it survived well in my body.  After almost a year I received a phone call in the middle of the night from Shands at the University of Florida to ask if I wanted a kidney that was a very good match for me, of course we said YES.  We immediately left and drove the 250 miles north to Gainesville, Florida and the next day after a long 8 hour successful surgery I had a new kidney "installed" as I call it.  After 4 days in the hospital and then two months living in Gainesville I was back to a normal life plus A LOT of medicine twice a day.  I realized a few things in those many hours sitting and thinking, first that I definitely wanted to start a family with my wife and that I wanted to enjoy whatever it was that I was doing.  So here I am with my wife, 2 daughters and running my own business within the sport I have always loved...