PreciSion Layered Tips

PreciSion Layered Tips (Dennis Searing's tips)

PreciSion Layered Tips in stock and ready to install or ship to anywhere in the world! Available in Soft, Medium and Hard.  These tips took over 3 years and near 60 attempts to get right by Dennis Searing and they look and feel like what you'd expect from a PreciSion Tip or any product from Dennis.  


These tips do not mushroom or glaze over, they grab the ball very well without overspin, they hold chalk perfectly and they are very dense and they cut perfectly forming nice strings when cutting on a lathe and they feel absolutely perfect!  


They are available in Soft, Medium and Hard.  I would say that the Soft are a true soft feeling tip and not super soft mushy feeling, the medium feel perfect to me and still grab the ball incredibly well and you can expect the same from the Hard tips but with a crisper hit... 


2 Pack mix & match- $34.99 shipped

5 Pack mix & match- $84.99 shipped

10 Pack mix & match- $149.99 shipped

20 Pack mix & match- $279.99 shipped


PLEASE INCLUDE A NOTE WITH THE BREAKDOWN OF HOW MANY OF SOFT, MEDIUM OR HARD UPON CHECKOUT.  I can ship these anywhere in the world for the additional cost of shipping, please send me a message to get a quote on shipping upon checkout and I will send you an invoice for the international shipping shortly after and it is usually $10-$20 at the most.


  • Ready to ship!
  • Ships within 1-3 days1